Safi talks went very well!

Today, the various talks related to Safi went very well. My general update on the 2014 season was well-attended (people came in right before and left right after…), and the session on the EB was a success as well. Louise also gave a nice paper on the ivory bowl from the 2013 session – which I could not attend since I had to co-chair the EB session.

Ho ah!


New BAS video with Safi lecture included

Carl Schwanke, who has been on the Safi team for the past two years, has kindly given me a head’s up on a new video put out by the Biblical Archaeology Society – “Ancient Israel and Judah – 2 DVD Lecture Set”, which includes a lecture that I gave on the archaeological evidence for Philistines cult and religion, mainly at Tell es-Safi/Gath.

Check it out (and thanks to Carl!)


Busy week of lectures ahead…

I’m about to leave to the US, and I have quite a few lectures coming up.

On Tuesday, I’m giving two lectures at Grand Valley State University, the first for students and the second is open for the public.

On Thursday, at the ASOR meeting in San Diego, in the morning I first give a paper on updates on the 2014 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath, and then in the afternoon, I co-chair a session on the EB in Southern Canaan, with a few lectures relating to the EB finds at Tell es-Safi/Gath.

Then, on Saturday night I’m giving a talk for Foundation Stone at the Beth Jacob Synagogue in the San Diego area, talking about Philistines.

On Sunday morning (23rd of Nov) I giving a talk at the BAS BibleFest on some of the exciting results from the 2014 season at the Safi excavations.

And finally, on Sunday afternoon, I’m giving a talk at the SBL on call for interdisciplinary methodology in the study of ancient Israel.

If you can make any of these – would be happy to see you there!

Otherwise, I think all these lectures should keep me out of trouble…


IMPORTANT: Ackerman Fellows – submission of materials

For all those of you who have submitted, or are planning to submit, materials for the Ackerman Fellowship to participate on the Safi excavations this summer (remember, deadline is Dec. 31st, 2014!), please note the following:

If you have not received confirmation that you sent the materials, please do send them also to my regular email (arenmaeir at – seems that this address is not working for everyone!


Congratulations to Amanda Rose for her PhD!

Seems like a lot of people connected to the Safi project are finishing their degrees nowadays!

Louise Hitchcock has informed me of the good news that her PhD student, Amanda Rose, who worked on the Safi team, just give in the final submission of her PhD, which is entitled:

“Interpreting the Wine-Dark Sea: East Mediterranean Marine Symbolism”

Way to go Amanda!


Louise Hitchcock lectures Safi for the AIA in Washington DC

Yesterday, Louise presented a lecture on the excavations at Safi, and in particular on the Philistine remains in Area A, and of course on our understanding of some of the Philistines as pirates. The lecture was for the Washington, DC chapter of the Institute of Archaeology, and it was hosted by Prof. Eric Cline of George Washington University.

The lecture was entitled:

Fifteen Men on a Philistine’s Chest (Yo Ho Ho and a Krater of Wine)

Well done Louise!

Congrats to Chris Mckinny – his MA thesis officially accepted!

Kudos to Chris McKinny! Chris’ MA thesis “The Reign of Jehoshaphat: Text, History and Archaeology” has now been fully OKed at BIU and Chris, long-time team member of the Safi team, joins the ranks of MA holders connected to the project!

Having barely finished the thesis, Chris was already contacted by a respected publishing company which are interested in publishing the thesis in book form!

And add to this – Chris will be starting his PhD right away!

Way to go Chris!