Jon Ross, from the U of Manitoba team, makes it to the big time press!

Jon Ross, who has been on the Safi for a few years now, and is doing his PhD at the Univ. of Manitoba under the supervision of Haskel Greenfield, is now a mega star! Jon is highlighted in the “Gradzette” – the University of Manitoba’s Graduate Student Magazine!

Jon’s press agents are already lining him up for an in-depth interview with “Meet the Press”.. :-)

Seriously now, Jon very nicely discusses what his research is about – on the technology and social function of the EB pottery from Tell es-Safi/Gath.

Way to go Jon!!!

2nd day of Vienna Sea Peoples meeting

The 2nd day of the meeting in Vienna was very interesting as well, and quite a few of the papers presented very interesting new finds, analyses and discussions on a wide range of issues. Particularly important were talks (such as by K. Kristiansen, R. Jung and others) who discussed wide ranging aspects relating to the Sea Peoples phenomenon, as seen in regions usually dealt with by those thinking of the Levantine manifestations of the Sea Peoples.

The papers that were presented will be published in a proceedings volume – and this should be very interesting!

Once again – thanks to Peter Fischer for organizing this meeting!


First day of the Sea Peoples meeting in Vienna

Today was the first day of the 2 day workshop on the Sea Peoples in Vienna. We heard some very nice papers and a wide range of issues, which generated some very interesting discussions. Without a doubt, there is a lot of interesting work going on nowadays on issues relating to the Sea Peoples and Philistines! It was also nice to see friends – and meet new ones as well!


Abstracts of Papers at Next Week’s “Sea Peoples Workshop” in Vienna

As mentioned previously, next week I will be going to Vienna to participate in a workshop on the Sea Peoples and Philistines, organized by Prof. Peter Fischer under the auspices of the European Science Foundation and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Peter has been kind enough to send out the abstracts of the talks that will be presented at this meeting – and clearly – this will be a truly fascinating workshop. Hopefully, a publication will result from this as well – and I believe this will be a major contribution to the study of the Late Bronze/Iron Age transition in general, and the study of the Philistines and Sea Peoples specifically!

Here are the abstracts: Vienna Sea Peoples meeting Nov 2014 Abstracts

I am definitely looking forward to the meeting!


Great meeting on the Arameans!

As noted previously, Esti Eshel, Yigal Levin and myself went to Leipzig to participate in a great workshop on the Arameans (“Wandering Arameans: Arameans outside Syria – Textual and Archaeological Perspective”) which was held at the University of Leipzig, organized by Prof. Angelika Berlejung and Prof. Andreas Schuele.

The meeting was very interesting and we heard a series of papers, yesterday and today, on a wide range of issues relating to the Armaeans and their culture, from the early Iron Age until the Roman Period, and from Mesopotamia in the east to Egypt in the west.

The meeting was both very informative and interesting – and also we had a great time with all the participants.

We do hope that this connection, between Bar-Ilan University and the University of Leipzig will continue.

This afternoon, I gave a paper in which I discussed whether evidence for Arameans can be identified at various sites in the Southern Levant Iron Age. In addition to discussing the Aramean siege at Gath, I discussed find from sites as Rehov, Dan, Hazor, Kinrot and Deir Alla. Bottom line – much harder to actually be sure if one can ID Arameans and Aramean remains than is often assumed…

As an additional plus to the meeting – Shira Gur Arie, former Safi staff member, who is doing her Post-Doc at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, came to the meeting and then joined us for supper!

Definitely – a very nice few days!