Final aerial photos and tucking in the areas for their winter sleep!

Today was the final day in the field for the 2019 season. We started bright and early on site with the final round of drone fotos, and then, we covered over all the excavation areas for the year, with geotechnic cloths, and in some cases (for brick walls), with a special plastic netting.The fantastic team of the last week was super, and we finished all areas quicker than planned.We then went for a trip to BIU, to deliver finds and equipment to the Safi lab.Tonight, we’ll have the final party, at the Kfar Menahem pool, with pizza and ice cream!Great way to end a very successful season.Keep your eyes open for a nice article on the excavations, which should appear in the Haaretz English edition at the beginning of next week!Here are some pictures from today:

Some cool finds

Today, while working back at the camp, a few cool finds popped up!

In pottery reading in Area M, a very nice bone arrow head was found. A few years ago we found a bone workshop in Area F (see here), which we suggested produced bone arrowheads, but we did not find an actual finished arrowhead. So today we did! See the picture below.

While going over various finds from the flotation, picking, and bone analysis, we found a head of a figurine, portions of two possible clay sealings, a small metal ring, and some other cool things…

Nice when things appear by surprise!