Hanukkah party at the lab!

Today, we had a Hanukkah party in the Safi lab, with some wine for a toast and sufaniyot (jelly doughnuts) to munch on.

So happy Hanukkah to all – may only light shine upon you! And on the same occasion, merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy holidays to those all those celebrating in the next couple of weeks!

Trailer on the Samson movie!

George Grena has been kind enough to point out the trailer of the soon-to-appear “Samson” movie.

Watch it – and you’ll see Hollywood’s take on Philistine warriors (seems not bad, save for the face armor…).

Looks like this will be a totally idiotic, but highly enjoyable, movie.

Here’s the trailer:

And here is how one really makes a movie about a Philistine attack, led by a Philistine Seren (:-)

And here is the seren in an action photo :-)

Upcoming Conference at TAU: Administrative and Cultic Aspects of Centralization in Ancient Israel: Archaeological and Biblical Perspectives, Dec. 18–19, 2017

A very interesting conference will be held at TAU, on Dec. 18-19, 2017.

The conference – “Administrative and Cultic Aspects of Centralization in Ancient Israel: Archaeological and Biblical Perspectives”, will deal with various issues relating to cult centralization in Israel and surrounding cultures during the Iron Age and Persian Period.

I will be giving a paper on perspectives from Philistia on these issues.

See here for the full program:

Conference Program Administrative and Cultic Aspects of Centralization in Ancient Israel

Hope to see you there!


Congratulations to Prof. Louise Hitchcock!

As it is now official, I would like to extend my wishes of congratulations to Louise Hitchcock, long time senior staff member of the Safi project, who has been appointed Full Professor of (Aegean) Archaeology in the Classics and Archaeology Program at the University of Melbourne!

Way to go Louise! Well-deserved! We are proud, and fortunate, to have you on the Safi team!!

Here’s a picture of Louise in her natural surroundings :-)


New article on the “Pig Debate”

A new article, presenting some new thoughts and directions on the question of the consumption, or lack thereof, of pigs in Iron Age Philistia, Israel and beyond, and what is the cultural and ecological significance of this, has just been published by Liora Horwitz, Armelle Gardeisen, Louise Hitchcock and Aren Maeir has just appeared. See here a link to a PDF.

The full title is:

Horwitz, L. K., Gardeisen, A., Maeir, A. M., and Hitchcock, L. A. 2017. A Brief Contribution to the Iron Age Philistine Pig Debate. Pp. 93–116 in The Wide Lens in Archaeology: Honoring Brian Hesse’s Contributions to Anthropological Archaeology, eds. J. Lev-Tov, P. Wapnish and A. Gilbert. Archaeobiology 2. Atlanta: Lockwood Press.