Kudos the Cynthia – “The Five Minute Archaeologist” volume about to appear

Cynthia Shafer-Elliott (William Jessup University – and a former Safi staff member) has sent out a flyer for the soon to appear “The Five Minute Archaeologist“, which provides an excellent intro to what archaeology is, based on short chapters on a wide variety of topics, covering the basics of “everything you wanted to know about archaeology but was afraid to ask”…

As you will notice from the table of contents in the flyer (Shafer-Elliott-5 minute archaeologist flyer) 22 of the 56 chapters are written by past or present “Safiites” – so I think it is safe to say that Safi rules…


Nice job Cynthia!


A third drone video clip from the end of the 2016 season

Here is a third aerial video clip from drone (taken by PW) at the end of 2016 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath. Clip starts with drone just to the east of Area K in the lower city, then flies northwards over the lower city moving west, passing Area D, and then and turns south and climbs up towards the peak of the tell and Area F. After circling around Area F, it turns north, northeast, and heads again towards Area D.

Now, with the three clips – one can get a view of the overall majority of the tell and its immediate surroundings!

Check it out – really nice!

Another great drone video clip from the end of the 2016 season

Here is another aerial video clip from drone (taken by PW) at the end of 2016 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath. Clip starts with drone just to the north of Area F on the upper tell, then flies over the lower city moving east, passing Area D and then Area E, and turns south and reaches just to the north of Areas A and E.

Once again, great views of the areas, and the beautiful scenery and colors, on and around the tell!


Video clip from drone of lower city excavations

See below the simply astounding aerial drone clip of Tell es-Safi/Gath, taken at end of 2016 season (by PW). Flying first east over Area D (including the new gate area) and then Area K, the drone continues eastwards, to just north of the eastern section of the siege trench (and Area C6). Then it turns westwards and returns towards Area K.

Note the flock of sheep returning from pasture to the east of the tell, and the black car that I’m driving that comes into the clip just after the drone passes over Area K.

The colors and lighting in the late afternoon/early evening are always fantastic at Tell es-Safi/Gath – and this comes through in an astonishingly vivid manner in this clip!


2016 aerial group photo!

What you have all been waiting for is now out! The aerial group photo for the 2016 season was taken today at the start of the final aerial photography. We definitely are keeping up with the traditions of cool group photos!

This time, we made a donkey – in honor of the 2 donkeys from the EB levels in Area E

2016 aerial donkey foto

Some Safi fauna (contemporary…)

For those interested in the animal life around Safi, today I saw a few interesting animals in and around the tell.

This afternoon, while I was driving around the tell with our conservator, I came upon a dead Barn Owl (Tyto Alba; תנשמת), lying on the road on the eastern side of the tell, I believe the first time I saw this species around the site. Sic transit gloria mundi…

Barn owl on Safi July 2016

Later on, I saw a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes; שועל מצוי) running out of Area D, followed by a very long brown Narrow Striped Dwarf Snake (Eirenis decemlineata; שךוון קווים) – who was not that much of dwarf (over a meter long) – just as we walked in to Area K! To top it off, I also saw a nice Short Toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus; חוואי) flying over, and two Great Grey Shrikes (Lanus Excubitor; חנקן גדול) sitting in a tree near Area A! While the last two are very commonly seen on the tell – they are beautiful species as well!

And one more nice bird that we saw earlier today, right after the final photos, was a Little Owl (Athene noctua; כוס החורבות) which we saw to the south of the tell, near the southern part of the siege trench. We see these birds almost every day, usually in the morning as we arrive at the tell. Here is a nice picture that Maria took of it.


All told – splendid species them all!