Visit to lab by Profs. Trude Dothan and Symour Gitin (Feb. 5, 2005)

Today (5/2/06), Profs. T. Dothan and S. Gitin once again visited the Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project laboratory, which is located in the basement of the building of the Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University (in Ramat Gan, Israel). Profs. Dothan (“Trude”) and Gitin (“Sy”) are the directors of the Tel Miqne-Ekron Project (biblical Ekron of the Philistines), and are world-recognized authorities on the Philistine culture of the Iron Age. The visit was meant as an interchange of information and discussion between the excavations of two Philistine sister-sites (Gath and Ekron).

Aren, Trude and Sy discussing the finds from Tell es-Safi/Gath:

sy and trude visit 1_sm.jpgsy and trude visit 2_sm.jpg

During their visit, the Tell es-Safi/Gath staff (Aren, Joe, Rona, Julia, Iosi, Shira) showed them finds from the various periods that have been excavated at the site.

Several important points were discussed during the visit, including:

1) The Iron Age I ceramics from Tell es-Safi/Gath are on the one hand very similar to the Iron Age I material from Ekron, but there are clear differences between the sites.

2) It was agreed by all participants that the Stratum A2, Iron Age IIB material (found above the Stratum A3 destruction [the “Hazael” destruction]) appears to date to the late 8th cent. BCE (and not to the 7th). Also, it is clearly not a “coastal” assemblage, but seems more oriented to the central hills.

Sy and Rona discussing the 8th cent. ceramics:

sy and rona_sm.jpg

3) Prof. Dothan and Gitin were very impressed with the Late Bronze Age material that was exhibited. We showed them the unique incised sherd (see Joe’s post from last week), but they could not suggest a definite ID.

Joe showing the LB pottery to Sy and Trude:

joe sy and trude_sm.jpg

4) One of the most interested topics that was discussed is the various regional differences that can be seen in the different Iron Age strata at Tell es-Safi/Gath, when compared to various sites in the region (such as Ekron, Gezer, Zayit, Ashdod, Beth-Shemesh, etc.). Clearly, a fine-tuned examination of the finds from these sites (and in inter-site comparison) is needed.

All told the visit was very productive, both to show Profs. Dothan and Gitin the finds from the various seasons of excavations, but, from our point of view, to hear their seasoned opinions on the various finds. We all anxiously await the next opportunity for them to visit the lab!


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  2. It was a great day to me visiting Trude Dothan in Jerusalem in May 2008 and listenin to her childhood-storys about the German-jewish poetess Else Lasker- Schueler (after her emigration to Jerusalem), who was visiting very often the Krakauer-familiy before she died here in Jerusalem in 1945.
    Mrs. Trude Dothan is the real Grand Lady in Israel.
    Thank You and Shalom
    Horts Meister, artist, Germany


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