re: Nasty comments in IEJ from Cross and Stager

In the article by Cross and Stager on the apparent Cypro-Minoan, Philistine inscriptions from Ashkelon (see earlier entry on this), they add an excursus (pp. 151-152) in which they briefly discuss the enigmatic inscriptions from Tell Deir ‘Alla and the new (so-called “Goliath”) inscription from Tell es-Safi/Gath. Although the Safi inscription has not been published in a comprehensive manner, and based on foto and second-hand description of my interpretation that appeared in BAR, they launch a quite strongly-worded attack on the suggested interpretation.

It is quite surprising that two such prestigious scholars have reverted to such methods – prior to publication and with rather offensive language. Although, clearly, they appear to not agree with my interpretation (which is their right — but if I may add, I do not completely agree with their understanding on  how one dates the development of early Semitic scripts [and I’m not the only one that does not agree with their datings …]), I would think that proper academic, and collegial behaviour, requires the full publication and presentation of arguments regarding a find, before one attacks the conclusions …

But as they say over here: what goes up – eventually comes down …


5 thoughts on “re: Nasty comments in IEJ from Cross and Stager

  1. Wow! That’s a shocker! As I began reading your message, I assumed that maybe you would say they were arguing with each other, or arguing against Hershel Shanks or William Dever … anybody but you!

    I’m also anxious to see what the reaction will be to Ron Tappy’s publication of the Zayit Stone. 2007 should be an interesting year.


  2. Dan

    Well lucky for you Aren they published in IEJ – like – who even reads IEJ anymore! Unless someone scans their article and posts it on the web I wouldn’t loose any sleep over their remarks. Now, if they would have published their remarks in BAR – then you would have what to worry about…
    You should have published you inscription in IEJ or some other nerdy journal first. But by publishing in BAR first, you deserve to draw fire from these two heavy guns!
    So lay low – publish your inscription properly and don’t CRY!


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