Appearance of First Volume of the Final Reports on Tel Miqne-Ekron!

The last few years has been a time of great abundance in the archaeology of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Levant, with appearance many new volumes of final reports on the important archaeological excavations. Just recently, I noted the appearance of the final report on the Tel Batash excavations, and many more have appeared as well (Lachish, Megiddo, Beth Shean, etc.). Last week, the first volume of the hopefully long line of volumes of the final report on the Joint American-Israeli excavations at Tel Miqne-Ekron, directed by Trude Dothan and Sy Gitin has appeared! This is a real reason to celebrate, since this excavation was one of the “flagship” excavations in the region during the 1980’s and 1990’s, with many finds of much importance.

The volume is entitled: M.W. Meehl, T. Dothan, and S. Gitin. 2007. Tel Miqne-Ekron Excavations 1995-1996. Field INE East Slope: Iron Age I (Early Philistine Period). Jerusalem. W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and the Hebrew University.


Although I have not yet had a chance to take a look at it, I’m sure it will be of paramount importance for the study of the early Iron I in the Levant in general, and in Philistia in particular.

Mabruk to Mark, Trude, Sy and all the Miqne staff that worked preparing the volume! May there be many more …


3 thoughts on “Appearance of First Volume of the Final Reports on Tel Miqne-Ekron!

  1. Achish Melek Gat

    Well! This is most significant! Ani, Achish Melek Gat, worked as an area supervisor in the famous “sondage” of the north-east slope at Ekron (Miqne) in Field I-NE during the 1995 and 1996 seasons. It was a great place to excavate! My congratulations to Mark Meehl, chief supervisor of the area, on this publication. And, as always, my appreciation goes out to Sy Gitin, Trude Dothan, and in this case also to Avner Goren (field archaeologist in I-NE). Our supervising colleagues in that area included (among others, beside myself) the esteemed Will Krieger, Neal Bierling, and Alison French, crack archaeologists all, and I must not omit our distinguished colleague in the upper area, Adam Aja. There were dozens who worked Ekron’s other fields, all of whom are friends, and who share in the success of Sy and Trude’s monumental excavation. I can only say that my hopes to one day particpate in a project as great as Ekron (where I made so many friends) have been realized in the Great project at Gath (es-Safi) where I have made so many more friends. Fitting, that sister Philistine cities should become my meeting point for so many marvelous people. Anyway, contratulations all for the work at Miqne, and congrats to Sy, Trude, and Mark on the publication of the final seasons on the north-est slope.

    Jeff Chadwick
    aka Achish Melek Gat

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