Profs. Trude Dothan and Ephraim Stern visit the Safi lab

Yesterday, 3/3, I had a busy day. Later in the afternoon I participated in the ceremonial opening of the National Park at Tell es-Safi, and I’ll write about this (and show some pictures) in another post.

Earlier that day, we had a visit to the lab by Prof. Trude Dothan, the grand madam of Philistine studies, and co-director of the Tel Miqne-Ekron excavation project, and Prof. Ephraim Stern, the former director of the excavations of Dor. They came to the lab to see the finds from the recent season, and in particular, the finds from the cultic corner in Area A which we discovered in the previous season.

This was not the first visit to the lab by Trude (see here for the last time she visited), and Ephraim had been to the lab many years ago. Thus, there were a lot of finds to show then that they had not previously seen.

We just started working on the restoration of the finds from the cultic corner (see here for the initial report on the find last summer), and it was a good opportunity to make an initial assessment of finds. What can be said already is that it appears that there is yet quite a lot to be discovered, since there are quite a few vessels from the general area that are incomplete. It appears that we will have more related finds in the coming season!!!

Can’t wait for the fun …


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