Vandalism on Tell es-Safi/Gath!!!

Yesterday I found out that some @#$%^&* unknown delinquents seriously vandalized the new signs and outlooks that were set up at Tell es-Safi/Gath by the Nature and Parks Authority!!! Here is an article (in Hebrew) on the results of this horrible event with some pictures.

I do hope that these @#$%^& villains will be caught and punished.

Boy – are those guys lucky I was not on site that day!! As some of you may know, although I’m generally a very docile, friendly and gentlemanly type, when my “Mr. Hyde” side comes out, it is not a pretty sight …

I do hope the Nature and Parks Authority will be able to fix the signs before the summer…


6 thoughts on “Vandalism on Tell es-Safi/Gath!!!

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  2. Owen Chesnut

    Thats horrible new Aren, hope they catch the vandals and put them to work cleaning up. On a side note, I’m still planning to send you an email on the GPS equipment. Just been swamped since getting back, so apologies on the delay.


  3. Bob Schillaci

    It must be depressing and maddening when such mindless barbarism occurs. It simply isn’t possible to post guards on everything all the time.


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