Schedule for extra-dig activities during the season

After quite a lot of “back and forth”, Dr. Yigal Levin (the project educational director) and I have finalized (meanwhile …) the schedule for the lectures, field trips, etc. that we will have durign the 2008 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath.
This will give those of you who are joining us an idea about what you will be hearing/doing – besides digging. For those of you who could not join us this season (and clearly, will make an effort to join us next year) – you can see what you are missing!



3 thoughts on “Schedule for extra-dig activities during the season

  1. Eric Welch

    Ashkelon? Really? This just made my day. What a line up of tours and speakers. I’m especially surprised you were able to book THE Brent Davis. I hope I can get his autograph…


  2. Brent Davis

    No prob, Eric… which should I sign, your yellow dig-shirt or your trowel? BTW, Louise and I intend to bring you over to the Dark Side this summer…


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