Tell es-Safi/Gath at the STACHEM meeting, Nicosia

Late Thursday night, I came back from a brief trip to Cyprus, where I participated in the “kickoff” meeting of STACHEM (Science and Technology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean), which is part of the STARC (Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center), which is a European Union initiative, located at the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia.

This meeting was the first part of a long-term initiative to bring together people, institutions and resources from around the eastern Mediterranean, who deal with various technological and scientific applications in archaeology, in the hope of building a web of science and scientific cooperation in archaeological science, for this region.

Over 40 people participated in the meeting, and many very interesting talks were given on a wide variety of aspects relating to the topic above, including various digitization projects for archaeological finds and museums, aspects of archaeological science and archaeometry, and many other very interesting things. A very interesting group of scholars from Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, France, US, Israel and Italy participated in the meeting.

The Tell es-Safi/Gath project was represented by yours truly and by Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto (BIU/WIS). We gave two back to back lectures on the application of integrated archaeological science at Tell es-Safi/Gath (see here for a description of this), from the archaeologists perspective (that’s me) and from the archaeological scientists perspective (that’s Elisabetta). We demonstrated the quite fascinating and groundbreaking archaeological science work that we are conducting on the site, stressing the in-depth collaboration between both parties. From the reactions that we got, I believe that we did impress the crowd!

After the short, day and half meeting, we were taken for a very nice guided tour of the site of Idalion.

Was very interesting and I do hope that this is the beginning of some very productive and impotant collaborations.