Gath of the Philistines in China!

I just came back from a two week trip to China (wow – what a place – simply unbelievable!), in which I had the opportunity to give a few lectures (two in Hong Kong [one sponsered jointly by the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong and the Jewish Community Centre of Hong Kong, and the other jointly sponsered by Lutheran Theological Seminary of Hong Kong and the Asia Lutheran Seminary – see here for pictures from this lecture] and one in Jinan, China, at the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies at the University of Shandong]) in which the work at Tell es-Safi/Gath was either the center of the talk (in Hong Kong) or mentioned in passing (in Jinan).
Hopefully, this will spark some interest in the excavation and perhaps, in future seasons, our team will include people from Hong Kong and Mainland China.
What can I say – China is simply a fascinating place. So full of vitality and development, various ongoing contradictions, such as old and new, capitalism and political conservatism, etc.. It is also VERY polluted …

This summer we should find some evidence of connections between the Philistines and early China … :-)


4 thoughts on “Gath of the Philistines in China!

  1. Keith Wessel

    Dr. Maeir,

    Again, it was a pleasure to have met you — sharing supper and a tight cab ride — and then listening to your presentation on Gath. From your post it sounds as if your trip was as great an experience as your lecture was to us. Thank you for coming!

    Keith C. Wessel
    Asia Lutheran Seminary


    1. arenmaeir

      It was great meeting you as well. I really enjoyed HK and mainland China. Hope to see you soon again.



  2. john c lawrenz

    Yes, indeed, it was a pleasure to have you with us, Dr. Maeir. I stirred in me the best of past memories. At places like Beersheva and Tel Yafo we talked about Tell es-Safi. Who knows. I may get there yet with some very motivated Chinese students.

    John C. Lawrenz
    Asia Lutheran Seminary, Hong Kong


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