Update for 29/7/09

After spending the yesterday morning doing final brushing up in all the excavated areas, yesterday in the late afternoon, and again, early this morning, we took the final fotos of the various areas. This morning we had astounding light, with a light cloud cover which provided perfect lighting for the pictures until about 8:30 in the morning. Due to the long time with good lighting (once it gets too sunny, the colors are not seen clearly), we managed to finish all the photography for all the areas. All that’s left is the aerial photography that will be carried out early tomorrow morning. After that, we have to cover over some features for conservation reasons, and we are finished in the field. All that will be left is the final party tomorrow night.
Today we had quite a few visitors (as always on the final days): Anson Rainey (TAU/BIU) who came to give a lecture to the team last nigth (on Gath in the Amarna texts and the relevant background) and then visited the site in the morning; A crew from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who came since we have a team from the University of Melbourne (led by Louise Hitchcock); Amit Golani of the IAA; Gunnar Lehmann and Eliezer Oren from BGU; and Amotz Agnon (HU) who came again to look at the possible evidence for the mid-8th century BCE earthquake (the “Amos earthquake”) which we may have found in Areas F and A (and it’s looking more and more like this scenario, but we still have some more research to do on this in future seasons).

Here is a nice picture of a ceramic lion’s head (probably part of a lion-shaped zoomorphic figurine) that we found in Area A (by Amit’s team) in an Iron I context, which has a very nice bichrome Philistine decoration.
09.07.27 Tell es-Safi_0365  K60

Finally, here is a great picture of Raphi, one our team members (in fact, the youngest long-term volunteer this season) who looks like a sailor valiantly “holding the sail” at sea – or rather – our shade tarps!
09.07.20 Tell es-Safi_2757  K60