The 2009 season is over!

Yesterday, the 2009 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath was officially over. In the near future, I will post a short summary of the season. In the meantime, just a few notes about the last day. In the morning, we did the aerial photographs – using the great services of “Skyballoon”. We had great wheather and lighting conditions, and the pictures came out great! After the photos were finished, the team carried out the various field conservation work that had to be carried out, based on the instructions from our conservator Yeshayahu Ben-Yaakov.

Here is a great aerial view of most of the site, from NE looking SW. I marked off areas E, A, P and F. In the far background is the Mediterranean coast.

aerial foto looking sw 2009 with excavation areas

In addition, here is a nice picture of the balloon on site, in Area A. The balloon has been lowered to take care of a technical problem with the camera.

Balloon at the dig 2009

Yesterday evening we had the end-of-the-dig party. It was quite a special event. Two friends of Amit brought a portable pizza oven with all related equipment and products and we make freshly baked pizzas on site (with every imaginary topping [save for meat …]). Although the team tried very hard, the could finish all the pizzas and after awhile, gave up.

Here you can see one of the pizza cooks (yours truly…) throwing the pizza dough in the air – as part of the pizza extravaganza!

Pizza night at the dig

All in all it was a great season – with many more to come!


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  3. arenmaeir

    This way, if I ever have enough of archaeology (which I doubt will happen), I can always open an pizza parlor…



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