Panoramic view of excavation

Gal Avraham, who is writing his PhD on a GIS spatial analysis of the finds from the Iron Age IIA finds from Area A, took some very nice fotos of the excavation in Area A this season, and merged them together to make two very nice panoramic shots of the excavation in progress.

Here they are:
Area_A_2009 Panoramic shot 1 Gal
The first one is a view of Area A from the north, looking south. Just beyond Area A, in the background you can see the breakfast and logistics area.

Area_A_2009 Panoramic shot 2 Gal
The 2nd shot is of Area A, looking more or less northeast, with the hill of the western Shephelah (Judean Foothills) in the background.

You get a nice feeling of the work in Area A.


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