For those who don’t know any Biblical Hebrew…

I have been asked to provide a translation of the suggested reading, for those who have no biblical Hebrew. Please note that this is a VERY rough translation. Take into account the fuzzy translation of various things, the problematic readings, the letters which may be read in several ways, etc.

This definitely should not be seen as my definite and final opinion of this. It is ONLY a very rough translation of the general reading by Misgav!

אל תעש [ ] ועבד א[ת]
שפט בואלמ [ ]אל?ט
א?ל? ובעלל
א[ ]מ ונקמ יסד מלכ ג[ת]?/פ[?]
סרנ? ע[…] מג/דרת

(Very) Rough translation of Misgav’s reading
Do not do [ ] and servant a[…]
Judge ….. [ ] El(?)…
El(?) and Ba’all
Pe[rso]n will revenge, YSD king (of) G[ath(?)]
Seren(?) a[…] from Gederot (?)

Please – don’t hold me responsible for this for the rest of my life…


14 thoughts on “For those who don’t know any Biblical Hebrew…

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  2. Achish Melek Gat

    Thanks Aren. This is really fascinating! PS, YSD was my grandfather!

    Achish Melek Gat
    (Achish ben Maoch ben Yesod)


  3. Achis Melek Gat

    Actually, I wish to change my previous statement regarding family ties. (We royals can change our statements anytime we want, without penalty!) YSD was not my grandfather, he was my grandson!

    Achish Melek Gat


  4. Bill Schniedewind

    Thanks for the update Aren. I appreciate the report on the site. I was meaning to visit there this summer when I was in Israel, but just didn’t get there. Not enough time. Just a note on line 1, ועבד א[ת. Seems unlikely that the direct object marker would be used here (in such an early Hebrew/Canaanite) inscription. If it is a direct object marker, then the previous word would much more likely be a verb, that is, “and he served the[…]” or an imperative “and serve the[…]”.

    Looking forward to seeing the official publication. Best regards!


  5. lukechandler


    Thanks for posting your updates on the inscription. I was on the Qeiyafa team this past summer, and enjoyed our visit to Tel es-Safi in July. With the possible connection of “our” inscription to “your” Gath, I almost feel like we’re cousins now. I plan to return next summer, and hope to visit your excavation again. I look forward to seeing more of the “temple” you’ve uncovered.

    Luke Chandler


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