Naked archaeologist at Tell es-Safi/Gath

Today, I had the opportunity to once again spend a day with Simcha Jacobovici, the “Naked Archaeologist”, who with his team toured (some of) Tell es-Safi/Gath with me.
As usual, this was a fun day, as Simcha has the perfect combination of razor sharp intelligence, a great sense of humour, and an especially healthy dose of the lunatic fringe! :-)

Discussions with him are always lively and interesting, and since he does make some very wide ranging connection and conclusions, at times quite challenging – making one think over the “standard” answers.
Yes, I know, some of my colleagues don’t appreciate him (to say the least), but as I have argued before, he does stir up a lot of interest in archaeology, Bible and related issues, and does have the courage to look at things from what at times is a very alternative, but nevertheless, often compelling perspective.

On the tell, we spoke about a variety of things, focussing, mostly, but not only, on aspects relating to the Philistines.


7 thoughts on “Naked archaeologist at Tell es-Safi/Gath

  1. Aren:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Two things that caught my attention:

    1) Jim West is one of your “colleagues”? Wow – ok, just kidding JW!

    2) Ever since I watched Jacobovici’s special on dating the exodus event I have not taken his work seriously at all. Perhaps I have painted too broadly and unfairly. But I do find it interesting that he is, in some ways, neither ‘naked’ nor an ‘archaeologist.’


  2. arenmaeir

    I’m not saying that I accept Jacobivici’s opinions – I think though that he is a very smart and entertaining guy! And, some of things that he says does deserve to be thought about, even if in the end, it is not accepted.

    By the way, talking about “naked” and “archaeologist” – I always like Paul Bahn’s saying that “archaeology is the most fun you can have with your pants on”…



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  4. The connection between Moses and Akhenaten appears to be off by over a hundred years. Mr. Jacobovici states the Exodus is 1480- this would appear to be 200 years before the assumed time period during Rameses II dynasty of 1250. It would also presume a 400 year time period prior to Saul’s reign which would be quite a stretch of habitation- war and settlement without any evidence. All sites ( as per Mr. Jacobovici’s own shows) of Hebrew settlement begin after 1200. Or did I miss something?
    I believe Abram could be the prophet meeting YuYu, Joseph would be about the time of Akhenaten, and Moses would appear to be perfectly timed for Ramses II to exile prior to his invasion of Kadesh- as Ramses was obviously hell bent on destroying anyone but an Egyptian.


    1. arenmaeir

      I like Simcha a lot, but I don’t accept his chronological connections.
      As to Abram and YuYu – it’s an idea, but there is no proof of this at all.


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