Not an April fool’s day notice

Since many posts in various places are full of April Fool’s Day notices, with all kinds of imaginary finds, I’m going to do something even better.

I can’t say what, but a very exciting bona fide, new archaeological find from Jerusalem will be announced/published in the very near future!

And no – I’m not going to tell you what it is.

And yes, this is what is called a teaser….


P.S. So all those publishing the finding of the true cross will have to wait…

6 thoughts on “Not an April fool’s day notice

  1. Joseph I. Lauer

    So, nu, what’s the ETA for the end of the teasing and the publication of the find (if you can say)?!


    1. arenmaeir

      Unfortunately, we will all have to wait until the Journal which will publish the find comes out with its next issue. ‘Nuf said…



  2. Joseph I. Lauer

    ‘Nuf said!! Thank you for the reply.
    We all have something to look forward to.
    Be well!
    Best Chag Sameach wishes to you and yours!


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