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As mentioned before, we will have a very large team at Tell es-Safi/Gath this season. Many people from all over the world will be joining the team to help uncover the fascinating past of this exceptional site.

But I’d like to make a call to many of you who read this blog but are not actually planning to join the excavation this season (or at all).

We need support in more ways than actual physical participation in the excavations! The costs of running a modern, state-of-the-art excavation are extremely high (in fact, costs are sky-rocketing in recent years). Needless to say, in the current economic conditions, it is quite hard to find the funds needed to finance both the excavations and the post-excavation analyses (and eventual scientific publications) of the finds.

Thus, any of you out there who are interested in the finds from the site, and would like us to continue revealing the fascinating remains from Tell es-Safi/Gath, and want to be a partner in the work that we are conducting – even if you cannot actually join us in the excavation – there is a way that you can become a team member!

The project is in dire need of additional funds!
Just for example, here is a list of several expenses, directly relating to the upcoming excavation season, that will have to be covered in the near future:
1) We need at least one additional “Total Station” for accurately measuring finds on site. This instrument in Israel costs just under $10,000
2) The costs of busing the team back and forth to the tell every day (in fact, we need two buses due to the size of team) will run to around $20,000 this year!
3) The costs of a new generator for powering equipment on site is around $1500.
4) The costs of renting three vehicles (one SUV and two small-size cars), as well as two equipment trailers (which are critical for the logistical needs of the excavation) will run at about $12,000!
5) We need to purchase for the excavation season various excavation equipment, office supplies, and conservation materials. This will cost ca. $8,000.

And this is only a partial list of our costs… The total costs of the season run in the region of $150,000!

We call on anyone who is interested in assisting us with donations to please do this. All donations will be gladly and most gratefully accepted. Donations can be given to the excavation through the Israel Exploration Society.

If you are interested in supporting the dig, please do get in touch with me ( and I will provide the necessary details on how this can be done.

Best and thanks,
Aren Maeir

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