Visit to Tel Rehov excavations

Today, Louise Hithcock and I had the opportunity to visit Ami Mazar’s excavations at Tel Rehov, in the Beth Shean Valley. The excavations, which have been going on since 1997 (and this is the 10th season), have uncovered rich remains from various periods, in particular from the Iron Age. Just last week, an article on the Anatolian origin of the bees from the unique apiary from the site was published in the prestigious journal PNAS (with evidence that “stinging bees” arrived from Turkey not only in modern times…;-)).

Ami and his staff showed us around the site and the VERY impressive finds, including a very impressive LB public building, and the very dense stratigraphic evidence of the Iron I through Iron IIA that they are excavating.

And by the way – I noticed two things: 1) It is definitely hotter at Rehov than at Safi; 2) Our breakfasts at Safi are MUCH better…


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