Update for July 27th

We are in the midst of wrapping up the season, and yesterday, July 27th, the team spent the day cleaning the areas, preparing them for final fotos. As always, this is a hard day, since the tarps come down, and the brushing is done in the fully exposed areas. For some reason, whenever we do this it an extremely hot day, and so by the late morning, everyone is totally exhausted and on the verge of collapse. The difference between working under tarps and in the exposed sun is quite astounding, and whenever I think back to the time that I was a student (more than 20 years ago) when everyone worked without tarps, I find it hard to believe how we even managed to think at the end of the day…

As always, in the last cleaning some interesting this came up, and so, in Area D, as we were removing some vessels that had to be taken out, we could see that additional finds were in place – but they will have to wait for next year.

We had a few visits to the site yesterday, including a documentary team from a Christian TV channel in the US – who are making a movie about David.

In the late afternoon we started the final fotos, but due to the fact that there was no cloud cover at all, we only managed to finish part of Area A. This morning, and again this afternoon, we will continue. Tomorrow, Thursday morning, the balloon for aerial photography is coming and we will take the aerial shots of the site. Once that is finished, we will cover over the areas and/or do the architectural conservation that we have been asked to do.

Then, all that is left is to send the finds and equipment back to the various places that they are stored (in BIU or in our containers in the area of the tell), and have the final party on Thursday night (homemade pizza!).

Just for fun, here is a nice foto of a little faience figurine of the Egyptian god Bastet that we found a few weeks ago in Area A, just near what I now am convinced is a Philistine temple dating to the early Iron Age IIA

And here is a view towards the white cliffs on the northwestern side of the upper tell, with the excavations in the lower city in Area D in the foreground:


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