re: Philistines’ 4th cousins, twice removed…

On Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to visit Tiryns in Greece (yes, I’m in Greece – I was not beamed there by Scotty…). My good friend, Prof. Joseph Maran, of the University of Heidelberg, the director of the excavations, gave me (and my son Netanel) a great tour of the site, including both new and older parts of the excavations (as you may recall, that is all the way back to Schleimann…).
Without going into the details of the great finds at the site, one thing is quite clear – that if the Mycenaeans are in ANY way related to the Philistines, then at most, they are their well-to-do, cultured, 4th cousins, twice removed…


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  1. Louise Hitchcock

    Well, I think Tiryns is a special case in the early IA, things in Crete were a bit more impoverished. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.


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