Prof. Ehud Netzer, as of this morning, is still fighting for his life!

Please accept my sincere and very embarrased apologies. Apparently, my sources who informed me last night that Ehud has passed away were wrong. Joe Zias has written that as of this morning, Ehud is still fighting for his life!
I hope that my mistaken post yesterday “will trick the devil” – and Ehud will get better.
Prof. Ehud Netzer (HU), excavator of Herodium, has passed away. Ehud was seriously injured from a fall at Herodium two days ago, and was in critical condition since. Earlier today, unfortunately, he passed away.
Ehud was an important scholar, whose tenacious search for Herod’s tomb finally bore fruit a few years ago at the site of Herodium.
In addition to his impressive professional abilities, Ehud was a warm, kind and generous person.
He will be sorely missed by all. Yehi Zichro Baruch!

4 thoughts on “Prof. Ehud Netzer, as of this morning, is still fighting for his life!

  1. Louise Hitchcock

    That’s sad. I met him a couple of years ago and he was looking forward to coming to Melbourne to visit his relatives, then ended up having to cancel his trip.



  2. Joel S. Dzodin

    Despite efforts online to determine his condition, its personally agonizing not knowing Ehud’s status. I worked with him at Ein Gedi and Caesarea in the 1970s. Despite the lack of contact through the years, I retain a strong affection and great respect for the man and his work.


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