Prof. Ehud Netzer has passed away

I have now received official notice that in fact Prof. Ehud Netzer has passed away, and that the funeral will be tomorrow morning (Friday, October 29th) at 10am at the cemetery at Kibbutz Qiryat Anavim (just outside Jerusalem).

I now can repost what I had written about him yesterday, but put it up on the net too early:

Prof. Ehud Netzer (HU), excavator of Herodium, has passed away. Ehud was seriously injured from a fall at Herodium two days ago, and was in critical condition since. Earlier today, unfortunately, he passed away.
Ehud was an important scholar, whose tenacious search for Herod’s tomb finally bore fruit a few years ago at the site of Herodium.
In addition to his impressive professional abilities, Ehud was a warm, kind and generous person.
He will be sorely missed by all. Yehi Zichro Baruch!


3 thoughts on “Prof. Ehud Netzer has passed away

  1. Achish Melek Gat

    On behalf of my colleagues at BYU in both Jerusalem and in Utah, and the entire LDS community, I express our profound sadness at the death of Ehud Netzer. We will also miss the great opportunity we had looked forward to – he was to visit the BYU campus in Utah in two weeks to address faculty and students there. I and my colleagues in Jerusalem were, coincidentally, at the Herodion on Wednesday afternoon, arriving apparently not long after Ehud’s accident. He was not there, nor were emergency vehicles or personnel present. But we could tell from the demeanor of the staff that something was wrong. Imagine my shock to hear, upon arriving back at Jerusalem, that he had been severely injured there the same day. I will never forget that day’s visit to the Herodion, and may we all remember Ehud and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Another great one has gone to his reward, but too unexpectedly and too early for us.

    Jeff Chadwick, BYU Jerusalem Center


  2. On behalf of The Danish Society of Biblical Archaeology I want to express our profound sadness at the death of professor Ehud Netzer and our best thanks for his help and kindness to our society. Ehud Netzer has shown great interest in our magazine TEL and I will never forget his hospitality and his presentation of his excavations in Jeriko and on Herodion during my visits to Israel. We offer our profound sympathy to his wife and all family.
    Pastor Hartvig Wagner


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