Thursday at ASOR meeting

Yesterday, I had a very interesting day at the ASOR meeting. In the morning, I chaired the session on Philistia which had 3 very nice papers on Safi (including mine…), as well as a paper on the meaning of the name Philistine in the Iron Age and on the geopolitics of the Shephelah in the Iron Age. The Safi papers, by myself, Louise Hitchcock and Eric Welch, presented some of the results of the last season to the public. All told the reactions to the session and the Safi talks were very positive.
Later that day I participated in several interesting sessions, including a session with various papers which dealt with the connection between the bible and the archaeological finds, a session dealing with Kh. Qeiyafa, and at night, a very interesting session in which the ERC Early Israel project on the utilization of archaeological science in the study of early Israel (directed by I. Finkelstein and S. Weiner) was presented. Quite a few papers were presented, and very nicely, about half of the papers discussed finds from Safi!
After the session, a large group (13 of us) of Safiites got together to have supper. It was definitely good to see all of the past, present AND future Safiiites!