Sunday at the SBL

Today I went to the double session on the BIblical Lands and People which I mentioned yesterday. In the first session, in addition to my papers on Safi in the late Iron I and Iron IIA, Ayelet Gilboa gave a talk about Dor, Ami Mazar on Rehov in the 10th/9th cent, and Zeev Hergoz gave a talk on his views on the origin of the Judahite state in the Shephelah region. Following these talks, Jane Cahill, Bill Dever and Lester Grabbe responded. All told, the talks were well received, although personally, I have a hard time accepting Herzog’s thesis.
In the 2nd session, Norma Franklin gave a talk on the history of research at Megiddo, Israel Finkelstein talked about Megiddo in the Iron I and II, Doron Ben-Ami spoke about the dense Iron II stratigraphy at Hazor, David Ussishkin spoke about his excavations at Jezreel, and Chris Rollston spoke about 10th cent. epigraphy.
All told, this double session was very interesting and a lot of interesting materials were presented. One thing that was clear is that there is some disagreement on various issues, which must have been very confusing to many of the non-archaeologists in the crowed. Nevertheless, I’m sure that this “interface” with the biblical studies scholar was of much importance for the connection between text and artifact.

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  1. Jane Cahill … woo hoo! Sounds like a great session! Such a pity if (as I suspect) it wasn’t recorded. I would’ve like to have heard Zeev Herzog no matter whether I’d accept it or not. I’m glad he’s still actively making contributions, as is David Ussishkin.

    Thank you for sharing these Atlanta updates with us.


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