Is Goliath the child of an alien and a human??!!

Man – new things are discovered everyday!
Josh Walton (who excavated with us for quite a few years and is a senior staff member of the Ashkelon excavations) has passed on to me a link to a program on the History Channel (yes, the History Channel!!!) in which among other things, it is claimed that Goliath is the progeny of a mixed marriage – half alien, half human!

If you go to this clip (unless you really have a lot of time to waste, go directly to minutes 3:45-5:30 of the episode), you will see a few interesting things:
1) Archaeologists at Tel Saf found a giant moat defending the site
2) The found a sherd with the name Goliath
3) Scientific tests dates the sherd to the 10th century
4) From this it is clear that Goliath is an extraterrestrial
No kidding – that is what they say. BTW – the pictures of an archaeological excavation that appear in the clip are not taken at Tell es-Safi/Gath.
Actually, that is too bad – they should have come to film at the site – we could have had a lot of fun!

Now that this idea has finally been brought to light, I must say that I have to admit something: I always had the feeling that underneath the summit of Tell es-Safi/Gath there are not only the remains of a Crusader Castle, but deep underneath, there is a Klingon transciever array with a subspace antenna, part of a subspace relay network that was located on the summits of the various hills in the Shephelah…

It’s important to keep our eyes open for new sources of information and interpretation – thanks Josh!


P.S. No, I have not had an embolism…. :-)

11 thoughts on “Is Goliath the child of an alien and a human??!!

  1. arenmaeir

    Well not 300K, but H.S. were around for about 200K or so (and H.S.S. for about 50K)…

    But what’s 100K…



  2. Mark Jenkins

    Congrats to the brilliant archaeologist of Tell es-Saf who identified both the goliath sherd and the Philistine defensive moat!


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