Is Goliath the child of an alien and a human??!!

Man – new things are discovered everyday!
Josh Walton (who excavated with us for quite a few years and is a senior staff member of the Ashkelon excavations) has passed on to me a link to a program on the History Channel (yes, the History Channel!!!) in which among other things, it is claimed that Goliath is the progeny of a mixed marriage – half alien, half human!

If you go to this clip (unless you really have a lot of time to waste, go directly to minutes 3:45-5:30 of the episode), you will see a few interesting things:
1) Archaeologists at Tel Saf found a giant moat defending the site
2) The found a sherd with the name Goliath
3) Scientific tests dates the sherd to the 10th century
4) From this it is clear that Goliath is an extraterrestrial
No kidding – that is what they say. BTW – the pictures of an archaeological excavation that appear in the clip are not taken at Tell es-Safi/Gath.
Actually, that is too bad – they should have come to film at the site – we could have had a lot of fun!

Now that this idea has finally been brought to light, I must say that I have to admit something: I always had the feeling that underneath the summit of Tell es-Safi/Gath there are not only the remains of a Crusader Castle, but deep underneath, there is a Klingon transciever array with a subspace antenna, part of a subspace relay network that was located on the summits of the various hills in the Shephelah…

It’s important to keep our eyes open for new sources of information and interpretation – thanks Josh!


P.S. No, I have not had an embolism…. :-)

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