I Sam 21:16

Based on an article that appeared today in Haaretz (so far only in Hebrew), some of my neighbors in the Shephelah are having quite an altercation. Seems that the tradition of confrontations in the Shephelah, and in fact, still, as then, located between Socho and Azekah, between polities in the Coastal Plain/Philistia and of the Highlands/Judah, did not only occur in the Iron Age….

Glad I’m not involved…. :-)


2 thoughts on “I Sam 21:16

  1. Uri Hurwitz

    Thanks for the link to the article.

    This latest Gog and Magog fight between the two archaeologists is great publicity for the field!

    Didn’t the ancient sages state, in post biblical literature: ‘Jealousy among authors inreases wisdom’ ? (Qina’at sofrim tarbeh hochmah)

    Uri Hurwitz


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