New article on Iron Age tomb published

This evening I received the pdf of a new article of the Safi project that has just been published, that deals with an Iron Age tomb that was excavated by our team a few years ago. The tomb, which dates to the Iron Age I and early II contained remains of several score buried individuals and various finds. Although the tomb had been badly plundered, we did manage to excavate and retrieve some important finds, both pottery and small finds, as well as various elements relating to the population that was buried in this tomb.
In light of the fact that very few Philistine burials have been excavated and published in the past, this is an important contribution to the study of the Philistine culture and population.

The paper is entitled:
Faerman, M., Boaretto, E., Uziel, J., Maeir, A. M., and Smith, P. 2011 “…In Their Lives, and in Their Death…”: A Preliminary Study of an Iron Age Burial Cave at Tell es-Safi, Israel. Zeitschrift des deutschen Palästina Vereins 127(1): 29–48.


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    Thanks for the great updates, Aren! For us armchair archaeologists, your work and your reporting certainly enhance learning and appreciation for the skill required throughout the process. YOU AND THE TEAM…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!


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