Just announced: new volume of Haifa conference proceedings in press

Last night, Prof. Gershon Galil (Haifa), who was the (principal) co-editor has informed me that the volume of the proceedings of the conference on the early Iron Age that was held in Haifa in 2010 (which had been mentioned previously in this blog here), is about to appear (should be out in January 2012), and has appeared on the Ugarit-Verlag website.

The volume is entitled:
Galil, G., Gilboa, A., Maeir, A. M., and Kahn, D., eds. 2012. The Ancient Near East in the 12th-10th Centuries BCE: Culture and History. Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Haifa, 2–5 May, 2010. Alter Orient und Altes Testament 392. Münster: Ugarit-Verlag.

For TOC of the volume, see here.

Among other articles in the this volume, there is a long paper by yours truly that summarizes the finds from the Iron Age from the 15 years of the Tell es-Safi/Gath Project – and discusses their implications on various issues.

In addition to the paper on the Safi excavations, there are quite a few very interesting and important articles within this volume, dealing with a wide range of historical and archaeological topics relating to the Iron Age of the ancient Near East (and beyond).


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