Meeting at Nature and Parks Authority about Tell es-Safi/Gath

Today I participated in a meeting at the offices of the central district of the Nature and Parks Authority (which is located on Tel Aphek/Antipatris). I presented to the participants the finds and future plans of the excavations and how both sides can work together.
In particular, we spoke about the need to work together to stop plans to build a wide road running in the Elah Valley, right next to the northern side of the tel, which would connect to Route 6 (the “Trans-Israel Highway”). If this should come to fruition, not only would this be a serious eyesore and have a very negative impact on the nature and landscape in the region, it would directly damage the northern parts of the site!
I do hope that this planned road can be shot down! Over the last 15 years, the idea has periodically come up, and I hope that it will be buried once again!!

Here is a view from Route 6, looking east, towards the tell – this is the area which potentially would be damaged by such a road:


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