Ben-Tor Fs event

Yesterday (Wed.) evening, there was a very nice event in honor of the Eretz Israel volume in honor of Amnon Ben-Tor. It was held at Yad Ben Zvi in Jerusalem. Many of the “archaeological crowd” in Israel came to event and there were several very moving talks by Amnon’s friends and colleagues – as well as by Amnon himself.
I got my own personal hard copy of the volume and managed to glance at the quite impressive collection of very important articles on a wide range of topics relating to the Bronze and Iron Ages, mainly in the Levant but extending to other regions as well.
There were a few articles by Safi people, including Louise and your’s truly article on Philistine hearths, Itzik Shai and Philistine circumcision and Joe Uziel on MB and LB figurines.
On the way home from the meeting I managed to get a preview of what Gabi Barkay will be talking about in the Rennert Center Jerusalem meeting, which will be held today at BIU, and it is VERY interesting! I’ll let him be the first to discuss the details, but he has some VERY important insights on fiscal bullae, some published already and one new one. The full details will have to wait – and will definitely be worth the wait!!!!


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