New series on Israeli TV that takes place at Kibbutz Revadim!

Shira Gur-Arieh has informed me that there is a new series on Israeli TV called “Yehefim” (= Barefoot), which is about life in a kibbutz. It is filmed on location at Kibbutz Revadim, where the Tell es-Safi/Gath team stays during the season.

See here a clip from the film in which one of the main characters shoots and kills a peacock – the same peacocks that drive us all crazy during the season! I’m sure you remember – the peacocks that continuously say “Lior! Lior!”

Finally – someone with a real solution!

And if you watch the clip to the end, there are some nice views of the landscape around the kibbutz.

But please – don’t think of also shooting them this summer – it won’t be appreciated (or legal)…


9 thoughts on “New series on Israeli TV that takes place at Kibbutz Revadim!

  1. Uri Hurwitz

    Frightful clip, Aren. Have you watched it till the end?
    I wish you could replace with with something more peaceful…



    1. arenmaeir

      But the Peacock scene is what is relevant for those who have been at Revadim and heard “Lior, Lior” without end!


  2. Do they usually put scopes on shotguns in Israel? Never seen that done before…

    The scene where he is stuffing the pheasant into the dumpster clearly shows a double barreled shotgun, yet the gunshot sounded more like a rifle shot (which is what you would expect a scope to be on) and the sound of the spent cartridge hitting the ground was more like a rifle cartridge than a shotgun shell.

    I couldn’t understand the language, but if the pheasant was already tied up in the garden, as the scene showed, why did he shoot it? Why not just wring it’s neck or something?


    1. arenmaeir

      Louise – do you mean extra portions of peacock? Perhaps that’s what the “chicken” that we are served for lunch every day? :-)


      1. Louise Hitchcock

        I mean Movie extras: the people that mill around in the background. I’ll check for peacock feathers the next time they serve us the “chicken.” Is peacock kosher?



  3. arenmaeir

    Actually, the question of whether peacock is kosher is not clear. Some traditions say it is and some say it is not!
    Maybe the chickens from our lunches will be the extras in the movie…


  4. Achish Melek Gat

    I think I’m gonna be more careful around the Kibbutz people. It looks like some of them are on a short fuse. :)


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