More interesting material from Area D

The restoration of the pottery from Area is turning out a very nice assemblage of Iron IIA pottery, including new types that we have not seen in previous contexts from this period. This includes many nice Late Philistine Decorated Ware pottery, as well as many bowls, jars, jugs, cooking pots, etc. Also we have a few very unusual vessels, such as several which have holes as a spaghetti strainer! It seems that the assemblage will be a very nice addition to the large assemblage from this period that we already have – mainly in Area A.

Needless to say, the context is of interest as well – found in the area of the stone altar – and perhaps will help us understand activities in this area.

In addition to the inscription on the jar reported a while ago, yesterday we may have found another inscribed ceramic object – but this needs further clarification before we can be sure about this. More details will follow when possible…

Here’s a picture of a complete cooking pot in situ in Area D – several more of this type – which becomes particularly common in the 8th cent. BCE – have now emerged from the pottery restoration carried out by or resorator Dina Castel.