New article on Cypro-Minoan in Philistia by Brent Davis

Brent Davis, senior member of the Univ. of Melbourne team at Tell es-Safi/Gath (and Louise Hitchcock’s chief assistant) has informed my (and sent me a pdf) of an article of his that was just published, discussing the possible use of Cypro-Minoan writing in Philistia.

Briefly put, after reviewing the relevant evidence from Philistia and beyond, Brent is rather sceptical regarding suggestions to ID Cypro-Minoan inscriptions from Philistia, in particular regarding the inscription from Ashkelon that Cross and Stager published in 2006 in IEJ (mentioned here).

As Brent is one of the leading experts in the field of Aegean writing systems, his input and perspectives on this issue is important, since much of what has been written on this topic has been written by people who were not bona fide experts on this topic.

The article is entitled: Davis, B. 2011. Cypro-Minoan in Philistia. Kubaba 2: 40–74.

Very interesting – and a very important study on the topic of early Philistine language and literacy, of which we know so little.

Way to go Brent!


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