Update on the team for this summer

While the registration is still going at a slow pace, we are starting to get a nice idea about some of the organized groups that will be joining the team this summer. As of now, we will have the following groups:

University of Melbourne – led by Louise Hitchcock
Yeshiva University – led by Jill Katz
University of Manitoba – led by Haskel Greenfield
Central Bible College – led by Mark Jenkins
William Jessup University – led by Cynthia Shafer-Eliot
A Korean group – led by MiYoung Im (and perhaps, another Korean group as well)
Bar-Ilan University – led by Aren Maeir
Weizmann Institute – led by Steve Weiner
Brigham Young University – led by Jeff Chadwick

In addition, various potential team members have been in touch about volunteering.

I believe we will have a great team this year – as in previous seasons.

And, please note – don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions about the project.

So do the only logical thing – join the 2012 team!!! :-)

Aren Maeir