re: digging in the lab!

Today, we had an opportunity to do some digging in the lab! As you may recall, last summer, in the excavation of Area D, we found a complete cooking pot in the 9th cent. destruction level, about 5 meters from the stone altar. The cooking pot and sediments inside it were removed from the excavation intact, and were taken to the lab.
Today, Dr. Udi Weiss (our archaeobotanist) came to the lab to “excavate” the sediments from within the cooking pot – in the hope of finding remains of the “last supper” of whoever lived in this building before it was destroyed.
As you can see in the pictures below, Udi excavated away at the sediments, and although he did not find a complete side of meat in the pot, he saved the fine sediments from within which will be sifted and hopefully, we may find evidence of what was cooked that last day in the pot!

Here are Udi and Shira as the excavation starts!

Here is a closeup of Udi removing the sediments from the pot

Here is the cooking pot almost empty…

And here it is after it was completely emptied!

Next time – perhaps we’ll find the recipes as well! :-)