Important: Possible fellowships for the dig

For those of you interested in joining the team this season but need some financial assistance, here are a few options which might provide funding for you:

1) Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS): BAS regularly give grants to people coming to digs in Israel, and in the past few years, every season, 1-2 of the Safi team members received the grants. For information, go here.

2) American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR): In order to be considered for a fellowship from ASOR, applicants must either be an ASOR member or be a student enrolled at an ASOR-member school (one of the benefits of institutional membership). The deadline for 2012 awards is February 20th, so please apply ASAP. Information on the Heritage and Platt Fellowships can be found on the ASOR website.

3) The Palestine Exploration Society (PEF): The PEF gives some grants to student members of the PEF to participate in the excavations. Do check this out here.

4) The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society (AIAS): The AIAS gives some scholarships to students coming to dig in Israel. For more information, check here.

In addition, I suggest you check with the following options:
1) If you are affiliated with a synagogue or church (or other religious oriented organization) such institutions will sometimes offer assistance for those wishing to travel to the Holy Land. It is definitely worth checking out.
2) If you are at college (or sometimes even so for High School), some institutions offer assistance in covering assistance for travel to learning-related experiences – and we definitely count for that.
3) And of course – there is always the possibility that you have a well-to-do relative or friend who might want to help…

Good luck with the searches – and if anyone knows of other sources that can be posted – please do inform me about them!