2nd Joint Safi/Tiryns workshop – this time in Heidelberg

As part of the joint grant that Prof. Joseph Maran (director of the Tiryns excavations in Greece) and I received from the GIF, we planned three joint workshops between members of the respective excavation teams. The first one was held last year, as already reported, and the 2nd one will be held this week (Tuesday-Wednesday) at the University of Heidelberg.
From the Safi team we will have a nice group participating in the workshop, including yours truly, Amit Dagan, Alex Zukerman and Marina Faerman from Israel, and Louise Hitchcock, Jo Verducci and Brent Davis from Australia (from the University of Melbourne contingent at Safi).

Although the weather in Heidelberg is freezing, the workshop should be very interesting and hopefully, very productive. It will also be very nice to see friends from the Tiryns excavations (and meet some new ones as well!).

Click on the link below for the very packed, but very interesting schedule of the workshop:
2nd workshop program

Most definitely looking forward to this!


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    Wow! That is a quick and heavy schedule! Bring a couple of pens and a lot of paper everyone! Sounds terrific to this old armchair archaeologist!


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