Good news on the Safi I volume – but still not there…

The publication of the first in the series of final reports on our excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath is moving ahead, and while I had hoped it would have already appeared awhile ago, I believe we have crossed several important thresholds on our way to it appearance.
Today, I received files in which you can see what the covers of the two volumes will look like when published.

Here is the cover of Volume 1 (text):

And here is the cover of Volume 2 (plates):

This is really exciting, and now, hopefully in the near future, we will solve the other issues that still have to be taken care of before the publishers can actually start printing the actual volumes. All told, the two volumes will have ca. 1000 pages of text, plans and various illustrations, and 30 chapters dealing with a wide range of topics relating to the excavations.

This is VERY exciting news and a lot of hard work by many members of the Safi team went into this!!!!

When finally published, in addition to making an extraordinary contribution to archaeology (:-), it will be able to serve as: a) a projectile weapon (if thrown at someone the overall weight will be deadly); b) as a shield (few known projectiles can pierce such thick objects); c) to place on a chair so that young kids can sit on them and manage to reach the dinner table…



7 thoughts on “Good news on the Safi I volume – but still not there…

  1. I can imagine how exciting this is for you. I’m somewhat surprised at the plainness of the cover artwork though. Did you consider adding a line drawing of the ostracon inscription, or a group photo of the excavation team, or is this simply a publisher decision?


  2. arenmaeir

    Unfortunately, the people at Harrassowitz were adamant not to put any illustration on the front cover (but we did manage to convince them to put a nice illustration on the inside title page), as well as insisting on keeping the rather horrible color of this series.
    One has to know what battles are worth fighting, and which ones you have a chance to win…


    1. They deserve to be “harassowitzed” over this! I can’t imagine what they’re thinking. Maybe in the early days of publishing I could see it being costly; but nowadays, especially for the glossy dustcover, it’s inexcusable. I suppose I’ll just have to draw the ostracon by hand on my copy…


  3. Uri Hurwitz

    Congratulations! Mazal Tov!
    Tizku lemitzvot! (the last two phrases expressing the same sentiment in Hebrew).

    However, I’m curious, once the two volumes are out, who will actually read and study these two thousand pages?



  4. arenmaeir

    First of all – it’s only 1000 pages – 650 pages of text and 350 pages of plates…

    Second of all – once it is on the NY Times bestseller list – it won’t matter who actually reads it…
    Thanks in any case


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