They eat Sloths – don’t they?

Prof. Haskel Greenfield, who leads the University of Manitoba team at Tell es-Safi/Gath, and whose research at Tell es-Safi/Gath focuses on the Early Bronze Age levels in Area E (and in particular, on the faunal remains) appears in a very interesting newspaper article that deals with finds from a completely different context.
This article describes Haskel’s work on showing that a bone of a 14,000 year old Giant Sloth (actually, Jefferson’s Ground Sloth [Megalonyx jeffersonii]), that was dug up years ago in an ancient bog in Ohio, and is currently kept at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has clear cut marks on it, indicating that it was butchered and eaten by humans. This study was just published by Haskel and his colleagues in an article in the journal World Archaeology.
One of Haskel’s expertise is the study of tool use wear, and he has used this expertise on materials from Safi as well, including, in relationship to various bones from the EB levels, the Iron Age incised scapulae, and some worked stone from the Iron Age.

Read the interesting article here.



P.S. And we don’t have sloths at Safi – everyone works all the time… :-)

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