Two photos to compare…

Now here are two photos to compare:

This is a picture of a very young Jeff Chadwick, standing next to a minuscule stone altar from Megiddo in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.

And here is (a slightly older) Jeff sitting next to what is clearly a much more impressive altar from Area D, this last season.

Can one even compare?


13 thoughts on “Two photos to compare…


    Compare what, Aren? The before and after pictures of Jeff? Or, the Area D altar as opposed to the smaller size Megiddo altar? Either way, both are on the timeline of nearly impossible to take in without falling over!


  2. Achish Melek Gat

    The number of my remaining horns must remain a mystery. But I will show you where the horns on my head were sawed off when I was a child — I still have the stumps.


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