Overview of some of the most important recent finds in Israel

See here for an article on the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website about some of the most important archaeological finds in recent years in Israel in which Jon Seligman (IAA) and yours truly were interviewed for.
While surely other sites can be added to this very interesting list (and please – no hate letters for what was and was not included…) – there are quite a few very important ones mentioned (including, of course, Tell es-Safi/Gath)!


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  1. Note that the photo showing Tel Dan stele fragments is of a replica (you can see the molding between the left & right halves). Oh, & it was not the “first royal inscription ever found in Israel” but more accurately the first monumental inscription of a royal nature. LMLK handles were the first royal inscriptions found in Israel. I noticed this same semantic error in news of the Forgery Trial regarding the Jehoash tablet.

    I’m surprised there was no mention of the gardens at Ramat Rahel. But I’d better stop now, lest this be misconstrued as a “hate letter”.



    Hey Aren!

    This posting of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs with those wonderful discoveries is a real keeper for Bible readers such as myself. I place the discoveries right into my Bible pages as a way of fulfillment, and always thank God that more and more of His absolute truth is coming to light as He said it would. PRAISE GOD!!!


    1. Except for the baloney about “200,000 years … of the puzzle of human evolution.” Better lists without any un-Biblical bias:

      “Does Archaeology Support the Bible?” by Clifford Wilson

      “9. Have any structures mentioned in the Bible been discovered?” by Bryant G. Wood

      “Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of the Twentieth Century Relating to the Biblical World” by Keith N. Schoville

      Note: This should not qualify as a “hate letter” since I’m responding to Joel Towler, not Dr. Maeir.


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