Restoration of EB III vessels from Area E, 2011 season

Dina, our restorator, has been working on all kinds of vessels, including the very nice assemblage of EB III vessels which were excavated this past season in Area E (see here about this).
Amit took a nice picture of the vessels, including a large storage jar with a painted net-like decoration and three small lug handles on its shoulder, and hole-mouth cooking pot and a small jar with an incised decoration on its shoulder. Nice group!
This, by the way is the pottery that was extensively sampled by the archaeological science team this summer (see here about this).

Handsome looking group!


One thought on “Restoration of EB III vessels from Area E, 2011 season


    Mighty handsome indeed! Like putting together a jigsaw puzzle only more intensive and exciting! Good job! :-)


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