Prof. Tim Harrison at Ben-Gurion University

This past Thursday (March 29, 2012) the annual Levi-Sala seminar was held at which Prof. Tim Harrison of the University of Toronto presented two lectures on the very interesting results of the excavations that he directs at Tell Tayinat in the Amuq valley in Turkey. In particular, his presentations on the Iron Age finds from the site, including temples, palaces and other finds, as well as the possible finds relating to a northern Sea Peoples who may be named the Palisitins, were of much interest. Following the two talks, there was a discussion in which Itamar Singer, Gunnar Lehmann, Ayelet Gilboa, Assaf Yasur-Landau and yours truly presenting some questions and remarks on Tim’s lectures and an interesting discussion ensued.

No question that the finds from Tayinat are among the most interesting finds relating to the end of the LB/beginning of the Iron Age that have surfaced in recent years.

It was definitely worth coming to this day!