Wishes for a Happy Passover and Easter

Best wishes for a Happy Passover (Chag Sameach!) or Easter to all (even those not celebrating either one!).

And since before Passover it is customary to clean out your house for chametz, this is a good reminder for those of you who have not yet sent in their registration forms for this coming summer season that the registration deadline is approaching fast and you should do this very, very soon! You would not want to miss all the sensational finds that we will have this year!

Can you imagine how frustrating and sad it would be to stay home and read about the finds – and weep silently as you think that you could have been there?


3 thoughts on “Wishes for a Happy Passover and Easter


    Pretty sneaky, Aren, using the occasion to “get those applications in ASAP!” I love it! Keep that great sense of humor, it gives a great balance to life. Happy Passover/Easter to you and the team as well. God bless you.


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