Aegean style torch at Tell es-Safi/Gath!

Today, while going thru some of the special finds from 2007, we noticed that a very interesting find had been discovered in Area F, but had gone unnoticed until now. What we found is a part of an Aegean-style torch, which is well-known from the Late Helladic Aegean (and Cyprus), but as of yet, has only been reported very rarely in the Levant – one example from Ugarit and one example from early Iron Age Beth Shean. As Assaf Yasur-Landau wrote in his book on the Philistine migration, this can be considered an item that is typical of non-Levantine behaviour patterns appearing in the Levant with the arrival on the “western” peoples that arrived at this time.

And BTW – this, to the best of my knowledge, the first example of this type from Philistia.

Here’s a picture of Shira Kisos holding the torch


4 thoughts on “Aegean style torch at Tell es-Safi/Gath!

  1. Achish Melek Gat

    Hi Everyone — AMG speaking from afar — Farr West, that is. Actually, we did take special note of this object, when it was found in 2007. I remember asking around as to what kind of vessel it could be, but no-one had every seen anything like it (back then, five years ago, at least). I took a special photo of it (which I’ll send to you, Aren) and made a note of exactly where it was found in the collection of debris which accumulated on a late Iron I (bichrome phase) surface in Square 16C. The debris contained alot of other interesting finds, and the context was clearly a specific room in a domestic household setting. This is really great that we can now identify this piece as part of a torch. Yahoo!


  2. arenmaeir

    Just shows that as we get older, and more experienced, we get better! That’s even true with me… :-)



    What a great piece of history! Shira seems quite happy about it! Thanks for sharing it, Aren. It keeps the mind in expectation and the nose “Hound dogging” for more discoveries. You all do awesome work!


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