Daniel Master and Josh Walton visit the Safi lab

Today, we had a very nice visit of Prof. Daniel Master, co-director of the Ashkelon excavation, and Josh Walton, senior staff member of the Ashkelon team, to the Safi lab. In addition to showing them some of the new finds (including, of course, the stone altar), we had a long conversation with them about their experiences of using a digital system for field and lab recording at Ashkelon (in use there since 2007), as a background to what we hope will be a successful implementation of the the digital REVEAL system at Tell es-Safi/Gath in the 2012 season.

While the Ashkelon and Safi system are different, we heard quite a few good ideas, suggestions, warnings and advice on what to do and what not to do in moving from old-fashioned registration to a digital system. Besides being very interesting – this was extremely helpful for us.


One thought on “Daniel Master and Josh Walton visit the Safi lab

  1. Ano Nymous

    i’m enjoying reading your blog very much, and am fascinated buy all the new discoveries.
    i have just one question (actually many, but this one might have a quick answer…) :
    I followed the link to the new first volume of the final report which leads to eisenbrauns.com and i was astonished by the price – 250$ !
    Who is the audience for such books?
    and why can’t we get a digital copy anywhere?
    surely it is not intended to cover the costs of the excavation…

    just curious…



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