Quick pre-dig visit to tell

Today I had a short visit to the tell, pre-season, for two things:

1) Met up with Prof. Boaz Zissu, from my department at BIU, to show him some very interesting rock cuttings and caves that are located on the periphery of the site, to the south, which most probably date to the classical periods (his expertise), with the hope of “enticing” him to join us this season for a few days to check out these interesting features. Hopefully, this will work out, and if so, you’ll hear more about this during the season.

2) Had a meeting with regional warden of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), Uri Kaiser, to go over what we will be doing this season, and get the final OK from INPA for our work. As you may remember, Tell es-Safi/Gath is a national park – and we can’t do anything on site without their approval.

It was hot out there – but things are looking good – and the season is just around the corner!



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