First day in the field!

Well today was the first day that the whole team was in the field and most of it was spent cleaning the various areas from the winter wash, thorns and garbage that had accumulated since 2011 season. While there is some preparatory work left to do in the areas, for the most part, the day went very well and tomorrow, some of the areas will be in the midst of full-blown excavation, and by Wednesday, all areas will be moving ahead full steam.

The team in general seems to be a fantastic team – with highly motivated, interested, varied and fun group of people – all making a super effort to get the work done as well as possible! This looks like its going to be a GREAT season!

Here are some pictures of work today:

Here’s a view of the Area A tent in place

Here is the work in Area A1 (Alex and Cynthia)

Here is a view of Area A2 (Louise’s team)

And here is the Area E team (Haskel and Itzik’s team) hearing an explanation about the work.

And finally, a view of the Area P team at work (Alex and Jill’s team)

Needless to say, the Area D and Area F teams started working as well, and I’ll post pictures of them as well in the coming days!




2 thoughts on “First day in the field!

  1. Donna frydas

    Stephanie is my daughter, this is her first overseas trip and her first big dig, I’m so happy that she found something on the dig. We done to everyone, I hope you all find alot of things.


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