Update for 5th of July

A quick update for what’s happening on the site.

Our digital data entry system is up and running and the system seems to be doing its job very well. Each Area is fully in control of the the Total Stations for measuring locations of finds and features, the computers are connected to a local WIFI system in each area, the local servers are connected to the a “cloud” backup, the generators, are giving power, and we are in business! While we took quite a chance and we all “jumped in” the in the field digital data entry world with one fell swoop, it seems that we have a very nice working system! Thanks to the REVEAL team from Brown University, and especially Eben who did much of the programming, and to team members (Chris)Topher Neufeldt and Chris McKinny who all worked hard to iron out the various bugs so that it could be up and running.

Here’s a picture of the system running in Area F. Notice the Total Station on the left, and the “local server/data entry station” on the table on the right. Of course pay attention to the high tech cardboard box in covering the computer…

And here is a view from the other side with the computer in the “Maeir 2000” (that the cardboard box)…

As to finds, the last few days have been quite interesting.

In Area A, Louise’s team is uncovering various finds, including, in the two new squares that they have opened, some well-preserved Iron Age vessels.

Area P (Alex and Jill’s team) are picking up a lot of interesting Iron I and LB finds, including various imported LB pottery and some very interesting Philistine pottery types (including several fragments of decorated “fenestrated” chalices).

In Area D, they began uncovering more vessels of the 9th cent. BCE destruction.

Area F (Jeff’s team)  is working in several periods, including Iron II, LB, and the Medieval period.

In Area E, while most of Haskel’s and Itzik’s team are working on the EB, there is still some LB finds being excavated.


This is a picture of some of the vessels from the 9th cent. destruction level in Area D

And here are some pictures of things that go on at the dig:

Ryan taking a quick nap and what he’s dreaming about:


Our truck got a little stuck on the hill, and we had to get some help pulling it off a terrace:


And while we were waiting for the truck to be pulled out of this predicament, Adam, our logistics person, redefined the function of the wheelbarrows…




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